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ABA GmbH & Co. KG

ABA GmbH & Co. KG is specialized on development of molecules like Aptamers and Peptides, recognizing specifically cells. Chromatography Cell Profiling is a further development of this research and is based on microfluidic methods. It allows a automatic cell profilling from up to 30 cancer markers using „Lab-on-a-chip“ system.


Contact info
Company name ABA GmbH & Co. KG
Address Otto-Hahn-Str. 15
Zip Code & City 44227 Dortmund
Location BioMedizinZentrum (BMZ)
Wissenschafts- und Technologiecampus
Phone +49 231 9742-7250
Fax +49 231 9742-7251
E-Mail s.tourel@aba-biotech.com
Contact person
Name Dr. Sylvain Tourel
E-Mail s.tourel@aba-biotech.com