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Innolume GmbH

Innolume is the premier manufacturer of GaAs-based laser diodes covering 780nm-1340nm spectral window. Combination of wavelength coverage with Quantum Dots Technology and advanced chip design enables a number of novel industrial, medical, and communications applications

Innolume runs full vertically integrated fab which allows fast turn-arounds in product development and modification of standard items for custom inquiries. Mainly concentrated on the chip production (current throughput exceeds 10M chips/year) Innolume holds highly reliable single mode fiber coupling technology.

information and communication technology, multimedia
microelectronics and nanoelectronics
Contact info
Company name Innolume GmbH
Address Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 11
Zip Code & City 44263 Dortmund
Location MST.factory dortmund (MST)
Technologiepark PHOENIX
Phone 0231/47730-200
Fax 0231/47730-250
Homepage http://www.innolume.com
E-Mail info@innolume.com
Contact person
Name Herr Daniil Livshits
E-Mail info@innolume.com