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ION-GAS GmbH is a unique company for the development of tailor made analytical devices for the customers`needs based on ion mobility spectrometry. Our instruments quantifiy in a very rapid and selective manner after non-invasive sampling. Typlical applications are in the field of medical diagnostics, forensics, (bio-)process and quality control as well as food quality and safety.


technology-oriented services
Contact info
Company name ION-GAS GmbH
Address Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 11
Zip Code & City 44263 Dortmund
Location MST.factory dortmund (MST)
Technologiepark PHOENIX
Phone +49-(0)1575-8767712
Homepage www.ion-gas.de
E-Mail info@ion-gas.de
Contact person
Name Dr. Wolfgang Vautz
E-Mail w.vautz@ion-gas.de